The world at large seeks Global Peace. Nations desire peace within their boundaries and with their neighbours. Peace is similarly sought after in every other branch or grouping of human society, down to the individual level where inner peace is greatly desired. Seeing that we all desire peace within ourselves and with our neighbours, why then has peace remained elusive? As though an utopic delight existing only in the surreal world of dreams? If we all desire and seek after peace, shouldn’t we all be at peace?
Peace doesn’t just happen but is caused to happen; not simply by desiring it. There are prerequisite conditions necessary for the actualising of peace. Top among these are the two Es which make up the word “peace”—Equity and Equality.
When people are treated fairly and equally as the other parties to any union or group, even the insane would have no reason to agitate or foment trouble. So, if in desiring peace, we ignore equity and equality, in vain do we seek as peace will forever remain elusive existing only in rhetoric and dreams.
Only when we are at peace with each other can we be united.